Hello there!, I'm Alfred

Software Engineer Blockchain ProblemSolver CriticalThinker

Hello! My Name is Johnson Awah Alfred

I'm "X" years old creative web designer from Nigeria. specializing in Developing for the Web. Mobile and Desktop. I build clean, appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest standards.

Web3 projects are fun, built quite a number for learning and solving real world problems. I build everything with Javascript (React, Node, Adonis, Vue, Gatsby, Next.js, Remix and Electron),golang,solidity and PHP(laravel, codeigniter, slimphp, symphony, ligerphp).

Currently work remotely in the USA. Particulary open to Blockchain opportunities. God lover!


Blockchain Developer

Smart Contracts, NFTs, Tokens, Exchanges, DOA and more.

Web design

Creating appealing, responsive and interactive website is my frote.

Mobile Development

I build cross platform applications in no time.

Public Speaking

I talk too much online, i am willing to take this physical.



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+234 816 0583 193


Enugu, Enugu,Nigeria